Giving: A Practice That Is Here To Stay

Although many can attest to the joy of receiving, not many people have discovered an even greater joy associated with giving a part of the little that they have. The joy is even made greater when a life is changed as a result of a one time gift.

People who have discovered this secret many times commit themselves to a lifestyle of giving. When asked why they give, their answer has always been simple: giving opens many doors, and as such, they have not run out of resources because they gave. It is also observed that organizations that commit to social and environmental causes, often grow larger and more powerful. Therefore, companies across the globe have adopted giving to causes as part of their responsibility.

The recognition of giving as of importance is also highlighted in the manner in which governments throughout the globe provide tax advantages to companies that give. Even in religious contexts, giving is considered to be at the core of the practice of faith. People of all religions are encouraged to give in order to receive a blessing. Additionally, the lives that have changed because individuals and organizations decided to give is a testament that giving is a practice that may never become extinct.

Perhaps the big question is not whether to give, or whether there exists opportunities for giving, but for what cause. Charities have been set up, and registered with governments to promote the work of giving and to ensure that the funds are used properly. In the UK for instance, the charities are registered and regulated by the Charity Commission. Charities support different causes and operate among different demographics. For instance, a charity may exist to support a sporting activity such as gliding, and its demographics may include the disadvantaged group in that category such as young women or the disabled.

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